Doyle´s Christmas Bounty

After a successful run in the WPT tournament named in his honor, Doyle Brunson may be unable to play in the Christmas Bounty, scheduled for today at 9:30 pm ET. Todd Brunson, also scheduled to play, may also miss the tournament.

Instead, Chris Moorman, Zach Clark, Mike Caro and Pam Brunson will play in their absence.

For just $27.50, bounty hunters can buy into the Brunson Family Christmas Bounty Tournament at 9:30pm ET and play for a prize pool that includes up to $50,000 in bounty money.

Any player who knocks out one of the marked players will win $1,500 in bounty cash, up from the original $1,000 Two bounty knockouts will earn the bounty hunter $10,000 and three knockouts will earn the successful player $50,000.

In addition to up to $50,000 in bounty money, the Brunson Family Christmas Bounty Tournament prize pool includes 100 copies of Brunson´s new book, The Godfather of Poker.Any player who finishes in the top 100 will win a copy of the book.

Please note that if both Doyle and Todd are available to play in the Brunson Family Christmas Bounty, they will play as scheduled with bounties on their heads.

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