Can you beat the Future Legends of Poker

The Brunson 10 are about to become the most wanted poker players in the world.

For the first time in on line poker history, all five members of Doyle Brunson’s team of elite Poker Pros will be playing in Doyle’s Bounty Tournament Wednesday December 23 as marked men.

Chris Moorman, Amit Makhija, Alec Torelli, Zach Clark and Dani Stern, all five players will be playing the tournament with bounties on their heads.

For just $27.50, bounty hunters can buy The Brunson 10 Bounty Tournament at 9:30pm ET and play for a prize pool that includes up to $50,000 in bounty money.

Any player who knocks out one of The Brunson 10 will win $1,000 in bounty cash. Two Brunson 10 knockouts will earn the bounty hunter $10,000 and three knockouts will earn the successful player $50,000.

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