Improve your chances of winning at Poker!

Poker Usher is a software tool that can really boost your poker winnings! It helps you improve an incredibly important area of poker that many players don’t even consider when playing online poker: table selection.

We all know it: poker is a game of skill (with a random element), and it’s the difference in skill between players that counts. This skill difference defines your poker profit – in the long run. Thus, logically, if you can find bad players to play with, you’ll make more money from your poker.

Poker Usher retrieves its information from two separate directions. First, it reads all your hand histories as you play and stores them in its database. Then information is extracted about every player you have ever played with, such as how much the player has won or lost, if he is passive or aggressive, how many hands he plays etc.

The other source of information is the poker site itself, for example, Party Poker. When you are about to start playing, Poker Usher connects to the poker site and assembles information about all the active games on your preferred level, computes a softness rating for each table using the database information for the seated players, and displays the tables in a list, softest tables first.

What’s more, you can go ahead and put yourself on the waiting list at the weakest tables – from within Poker Usher! This is cut out to really revolutionize your online poker experience. Usually, poker room lobbies list tables in no particular order and you’ll have a really hard time judging which table is good for you and which is hard to beat. Most players won’t even try, and this could be costly.

As the saying goes: Even if you’re the tenth best player in the world; play against the nine top players and you are bound to lose your money.

A word of caution is in place: Poker Usher is strongly addictive. Once you’ve tried it, entering an online poker room without it will feel awkward. A little like playing football without your glasses if you wear glasses, or with your friend’s glasses on if you don’t. The good tables are displayed with different colored stars and a lot of statistical info, together with the players that are seated and their individual statistics as well.

Also, by adding losing players to your “Buddy list”, you can see right away if any of your favorite losers are playing and subscribe to the next free seat at their table, all from within Poker Usher.

Talk about added value!

When you’ve realized that this heavy-duty tool for superior table selection is a must, please go ahead and try it out FOR FREE!!

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