Players to Test with €25,000 Endurance Challenge is testing its players’ stamina and determination in the month of November in its new Endurance Challenge, which will see €25,000 divided equally among all those who complete it.

To take part, players must earn 25 VIP points on 25 consecutive days between November 6 and 30. At the end of the 25 days, all remaining players will share out the prize pool equally.

However, if a player misses a day, they are immediately disqualified from the competition. The full list of players still in the competition will be available each day on the Devilfish Poker site.

Also in November, will have €28,000 in free European Masters of Poker Ljubljana packages up for grabs. 14 packages worth €2,000 will be divided up between freerolls, VIP races, and Raked Hands Races.

Every second day from November 2 to 20, there will be a freeroll with an EMOP Ljubljana package on offer for first place. To be eligible to enter, players must earn the required number of VIP points between November 1 and the start of each tournament.

A Sprint VIP Race will run over 10 days from November 1 to 10, and another from November 11 to 20. The players who earn the most points in each will receive a free EMOP package. As will the lucky two who play the most raked hands during the same dates in the Sprint Raked Hands Races.

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